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Coconut water, the liquid endosperm of green coconuts, is a natural rehydration ingredient due to its content of electrolytes. The rich nutrient composition of this liquid endosperm is necessary for the coconut fruit to support development of the maturing coconut which, in an unharvested coconut, may lead to the development of the embryo and seedling. Coconut water is the reservoir of nutrients that supports the plant’s tissue growth.


CocoNUTRA is a fine powder of 100% whole dried Cocos nucifera water, with nothing added and nothing removed. It is a totally natural food powder that can be consumed mixed in water or other beverages or manufactured into food products. CocoNUTRA is a food ingredient suitable for human consumption without further processing.


Add 6.62 grams to a container, adding water to 100 mls.

This is an ingredient available  only as a raw material for Product Formulators.  Consult the Formulator area to obtain more information.