• Exploring Solutions to Chronic Diseases – the patient in the spotlight


    The challenge of modern clinical practice

    Finding effective solutions to address the many health abnormalities that confront today’s clinician is an ongoing challenge. Knowing how to identify and treat the fundamental causes of a disease is as relevant today as it was a hundred years ago.

  • “Switched On” by Dr Christine Houghton PhD Embracing the Science of Nutrigenomic Medicine (3rd Edition)

    What if you could…

    • Maintain excellent health, day after day, even as you get older?
    • Take back control of your health and avoid the common ‘diseases of civilisation’?
    • Have little (if any) reliance on pharmaceuticals or surgery to become and stay well?

    Chronic Disease is largely preventable, so why don’t health authorities focus on strategies for promoting disease PREVENTION? Why are pharmaceutical drugs and surgery the primary treatments offered in the treatment and prevention of disease? Why is it left to individuals to discover how to do this for themselves?


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  • Diabetes – Quelling the Epidemic DVD Set


    Trends in how we treat certain conditions come and go but the fundamental principles never change. It is an immutable law that successful treatments are based on addressing the underlying causes. This 3 ½ hour “Master Class” in 6 parts, focuses on identifying the fundamental biochemical defects in diabetic cellular function and then presenting the evidence-based tools to address it.