SULFORAPHANE – The Power of Nutrigenomics

Understanding what’s in broccoli sprout products – and what’s not!

Sulforaphane: remarkable ‘nutrigenomic’ potential

Research on sulforaphane is growing rapidly, with more than 1000 peer – reviewed publications on this topic currently available on PubMed. With an increasing number of clinical trials being listed with the U.S. database alone (, there is growing interest in this versatile bioactive phytochemical.

As the demand for this ingredient has grown, so too has the number of broccoli sprout products in the market. So unregulated is the entry of such products into the market that it is difficult if not impossible for a consumer, or even a clinician, to determine the worth of such products. The science which underpins sulforaphane’s benefits in humans is generally more complex than for many of the nutraceutical ingredients which have gone before it. Consequently, unwary consumers can be buying products which have little if any beneficial effect on health because the manufacturer does not understand the chemistry and is not skilled in manufacturing a finished product which retains the sulforaphane activity needed for enhancing the function in human cells.