Mechanisms to Combat Inflammation and Oxidative Stress


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Identifying Common Threads in Chronic Disease

This clinically essential Webinar will take you through:
  • Identifying the common thread in osteoporosis, CVD risk, Hormonal imbalance and multiple allergy patients
  • Learn some simple tips in using Gene testing 
  • Simplifying treatment strategies to target the individual patient vs disease
  • Identifying an essential factor in maintaining mitochondria
  • Tips in preserving non-orthodox ‘treat the individual not the disease model’
  • Determine benefits, risks and activation of Nitric oxide
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The Antioxidant Dilemma with Dr Christine Houghton

Sulforaphane in Cellular Defense ft. Dr. Christine Houghton - Healthcare's Missing Link

Emerging pieces of the COVID-19 puzzle - Episode 3

Episode 3 of our 3-part series on “Emerging Evidence for Nature’s Inbuilt Defences”. In this episode, we discuss Activating the Immune Defence – the four key steps.

Emerging pieces of the COVID-19 puzzle - Episode 2

Dr Christine Houghton and Robert Thomas delve deeper into the immune system in Part 2 of Emerging Pieces in the COVID-19 Puzzle

Emerging pieces of the COVID-19 puzzle - Episode 1

Emerging pieces in the COVID-19 puzzle….Harnessing Nature’s INBUILT defences. Brought to you by Cell-Logic Professional Education Team, presented by Dr Christine Houghton PhD (Nutritional Biochemist) and Robert Thomas ND (Clinician Educator).

Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation - G.E.M.M. the missing link

This is an introduction to our four hour seminar available in the Online Seminars page. G.E.M.M. provides the clinician with Evidence Based Learning paired with real clinical solutions including a large focus on diet and lifestyle strategies to manage chronic disease, dysregulated inflammation, immune-compromised and/or metabolic disease patients with underlying gut issues.

Nutrigenomics: reshaping the lifestyle medicine landscape

Lifestyle Medicine 2016: Dr Christine Houghton

Understanding Nutrigenomics has changed nutritional medicine from population based – best fit – into personalised medicine. In this video Dr Christine Houghton takes us through what it means to each individual patient’s case when you know the genomics. Nutrigenomics, is a science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health. (22.42 min)

Sulforaphane: A unique phytochemical

Sulforaphane is a compound formed in plants of the Broccoli vegetable family.  The vegetables of this plant family are known as Cruciferous Vegetables.  Sulforaphane has been extensively researched for its health-promoting benefits.

Find out more about this incredible compound in this in-depth video. (1 hour 35 min)

Research on Broccoli Sprouts and complications of Type 2 Diabetes

Broccoli Sprouts are a concentrated source of Sulforaphane, the bioactive compound which enhances cell defences.
(2 min)

The Nutrigenomic Solution

A New Paradigm for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes
This clip is the introduction to the Nov., 2013 Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) annual conference, Las Vegas, NV.  Presented by: Christine Houghton, Nutritional Biochemist.
(8 min)

The Nutrigenomics of Estrogen Metabolism Clinical Applications

Dr Christine Houghton and Dr Yael Joffe co-presented at the American College of Nutrition (CAN) annual conference in Washington last November.  The You Tube clip of the presetation can viewed below. 

Interactive Panel Discussion - Q & A with Dr Christine Houghton and Dr Joffe

An interactive Q & A session followed Dr Houghton’s and Dr Joffe’s Estrogen presentation and can be viewed below. 

Sulforaphane in Cellular Defense ft. Dr. Christine Houghton - Healthcare's Missing Link

Sulforaphane in Cellular Defense ft. Dr. Christine Houghton

The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast: Episode 13 - Dr Christine Houghton - Nutrigenomics

AUDIO FxOmics Podcast with Dr Mark Donohoe

FxOmics Podcast

AUDIO Radio Interview 2010
(28 min)

Nutrigenetics Brisbane - Cell Logic

Safer Estrogen Metabolism – audio interview (59 min)

Nutrigenetics Brisbane - Cell Logic

Broccoli Sprout Research - ABC radio interview 2010 (22 min)


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