Independent scientific tests confirm that EnduraCELL yields 3.5 times more Sulforaphane per gram and dose than any other broccoli sprout product on the market.

Cell-Logic was the first company to produce a powdered broccoli sprout product for the Australian market. Since this time, we have continued to undertake research to develop the technology required to optimise the sulforaphane yield of EnduraCELL. This means that every dose of EnduraCELL will “switch-on” the genes necessary to protect your cells from daily assaults.


Broccoli sprouts in cap

It is important to remember that not all powdered broccoli sprout products are the same. 

Most imported broccoli sprout products are made from extracts, not whole broccoli sprout products. An extract does not contain the necessary enzyme for sulforaphane production and will not promote cell-protective gene expression.


To “switch-on” your cell-protective genes, choose EnduraCELL 100% Nutraceutical-Grade Whole Broccoli Sprout powder – scientifically validated to deliver the highest Sulforaphane Yield of any broccoli sprout product on the market.



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2017-04-29 07:38:48