Containing both EnduraCell and GliSODin as well as a host of other cytoprotective micronutrients, DefenCELL, the most comprehensive and advanced Nutrigenomic supplement available, has just been improved.

defencell_frontCell-Logic is pleased to announce that the formulation of DefenCELL has been updated to bring it into line with the recent Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval of several activated ‘B’ vitamins.

Activated ‘B’ vitamins occur in a more bioavailable form meaning that they may improve the efficacy of DefenCELL in supporting the body’s natural cellular detoxification processes. Additionally, our scientific team has removed copper from DefenCELL to allow for greater flexibility of use for those not requiring copper from their core Nutrigenomic formulation.

The updated formulation of DefenCELL enhances and improves Cell-Logic’s cutting edge core Nutrigenomic supplement.


NEW DefenCELL is now available from the Cell-Logic online shop.



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2020-08-05 19:14:11