• The Drug-Supplement Interaction Conundrum

    A problem that can’t go away As the chemical complexity of both pharmaceuticals and supplements increases, it becomes progressively more difficult to evaluate potentially-harmful interactions when ‘mixtures’ of these are ingested simultaneously.  In pharmaceutical medicine, these interactions are largely determined by flow-charts, algorithms and statistical analyses – in other words, they are estimates.1  Laboratory tests…

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  • The Perplexing Issue of Perceived Sulfur Intolerance

    Sulfur foods

    Perceived Sulfur Intolerance, two causes – but which one? The issue of sulfur sensitivity has come to the fore in recent times, especially since clinicians have gained better knowledge of the methylation pathways.  Even though methylation is relevant, in many cases, the more immediate issue is related to the microbiome.  If the sulfur-reducing bacteria dominate…

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  • Immunobiotics – enhancing human immunity

    Gut epithelium with bacteria and viruses

    The rise and fall of the antibiotic Once hailed as the wonder drug for eradicating infectious bacterial diseases, the antibiotic has long since lost its shine. There is an increasing awareness that, although millions of lives in the past have been saved, antibiotics have been overused and are now responsible for numerous adverse effects. Such…

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  • Unleashing the Power of Enzymes

    In search of the Primary Cause One of the greatest challenges facing today’s clinicians lies in identifying the primary cause of the many symptoms described by the patient during the consultation.  And if that is not already difficult enough, then finding the appropriate solution is equally challenging, especially when the many symptoms seem unrelated.  Tempting…

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  • New insights into fertility

    It is well-established that infertility in both males and females has been gradually increasing over several decades, with one couple in every six affected  – and many requiring assisted reproductive technology in order to become parents.[1] The causes of infertility are not well-understood but it is known that many factors are involved.  In this article,…

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