Availability of EnduraCell 80-gram jars

The Problem

Cell-Logic has not managed to escape the fallout from the effect of COVID-19 on businesses. The global ‘shutdown’ has left many businesses without staff to maintain their normal operations. This has impacted us heavily in that the seeds we use for our premium grade broccoli sprouts have missed the growing season. As a result, we have almost none of the EnduraCell powder we supply as 80-gram jars.

BroccoCell – An Interim Solution

In order that we can continue to deliver a broccoli sprout powder with the same level of bioactives obtained from the EnduraCell 80-gram jar, we have created BroccoCell.

As shown on the BroccoCell label, the product contains 120 grams instead of the usual 80 grams of powder. The dosage has been modified to be a ‘rounded’ scoop, making the daily dose effectively the same.

BroccoCell Pricing

The price for BroccoCell will remain the same as for EnduraCell, with Cell-Logic carrying the added costs of the raw material.

How different is BroccoCell from EnduraCell?

It is most unlikely that a consumer will detect any difference in appearance, taste perception or efficacy, since the Sulforaphane Yield from the higher powder volume will be the same as for EnduraCell in the 80-gram jar.

Are our other products affected?

Our broccoli sprout-containing encapsulated products are not currently affected as we hold large stocks of these in both the Cell-Logic and INTEGRA NUTRITONALS ranges. PomGenex has been modified to contain added broccoli sprout powder to ensure that it too yields the same Sulforaphane Yield per scoop; it tastes a little different as the extra broccoli sprout powder necessitated a little less pomegranate juice powder. However, its price has had to increase by $5.05 at retail level due to the price hikes on shipping currently affecting all imports. Similarly, ImmunoGenex increases by $1.45 at retail level for the same reason.

Maintaining transparency

Although the COVID-related circumstances that led to this issue are outside our control, we trust that you will appreciate that the interim solution maintains the same levels of bioactivity and that you can continue to prescribe these products with confidence.