Active and passive smoking are associated with significantly increased risks of type 2 diabetes.

You might be dedicated to giving your child a ‘good start in life’ by offering only the healthiest of food but a newly-published study shows that smoking in the child’s presence is itself a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.

Where we’ve been conditioned to think that Type 2 diabetes is a diet-related disease associated with over-consumption of carbohydrates and fats, this hot-off-the-press systematic review in Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology shows that even passive smoking is a significant risk factor.

The data are rather frightening in their significance, with the Relative Risk of developing Type 2 diabetes increasing somewhat in recent quitters before the benefits of not smoking gradually become evident.

It therefore occurs to me that those wanting to stop smoking may benefit from a comprehensive lifestyle support programme that eliminates or minimises other risk factors.

From a nutrigeneomic perspective, a diet rich in plant-based bioactives capable of upregulating the cell’s own defences would be a foundation to such a programme.  An extensive research database suggest that this would ideally include a source of sulforaphane in the form of a 100% whole broccoli sprout supplement in conjunction with a diet of unprocessed whole foods.


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2020-08-05 19:02:18