Dr Christine Houghton
PhD, B.Sc.(Biochem.), Grad.Dip.Hum.Nutr., R.Nutr.
Founder Director – Senior Scientist

Dr Christine Houghton has enjoyed a fulfilling and varied career in Nutritional Medicine spanning more than 30 years — and her influential work continues to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving profession. As a clinician, author and educator, she is dedicated to promoting a model of health care that closely reflects the diet and lifestyle choices Mother Nature would choose herself. An individual’s unique biochemistry is a significant contributor to this model.

Christine’s intense appreciation of the power of food as therapy began in the 1970s, an era when there were very few supplements available. With few other choices, she soon discovered the real power of food as a potent clinical intervention tool; to this day, she adopts a ‘food first’ philosophy.

A decade into practice, she established a thriving multi-disciplinary practice, the Centre for Integrated Medicine near Brisbane. There, she specialised in musculoskeletal conditions, glucose-regulating disorders including type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic conditions, digestive health and infant and child health, especially those associated with immune dysfunction.

Passionate about the relationship between nutrients, phytochemicals and cellular defences, Christine subsequently engaged in research at the University of Queensland, earning her a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry-Nutrigenomics. Christine is highly-regarded internationally as an expert in the clinical application of the broccoli-derived phytochemical, Sulforaphane in human health. As founding director of Cell-Logic, she has formulated a number of nutrigenomically-active supplements which are underpinned by her doctoral research.

In addition to her scientific and other publications, Christine is the co-author of two evidence-based nutrigenomics courses: FOUNDATIONS IN NUTRIGENOMICS and ADVANCED TRANSLATIONAL NUTRIGENOMICS, both self-paced online courses for practising clinicians and the only comprehensive courses of their kind available anywhere globally. A regular speaker at Australian and international conferences, Christine is an engaging speaker whose evidence-based presentations often challenge existing paradigms.

Christine also holds a BSc in Biochemistry from The University of Queensland, a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria and is an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Science at The University of Queensland.

Robert Thomas
N.D., Clinician Educator / Naturopath and Nutrigenomics Clinician

As a dedicated and accomplished Naturopath with extensive experience in radio broadcasting, clinician training and consumer education, Robert Thomas is Cell-Logic’s highly-valued Clinician Educator. In this capacity, he liaises closely with practising clinicians, guiding them in the understanding of the more complex nutrigenomic and biochemical principles that underpin the Cell-Logic product concepts and formulations.

Robert has been a naturopathic practitioner for over three decades, with 14 of these years in his Far North Queensland clinic, where, among other things, he designed a very successful lifestyle management program to help individuals to conquer addictions. As a further extension to his clinical practice, he was intimately involved in the development and implementation of the ‘7 Natural Physicians’, a holistic health programme for children that was introduced into primary schools throughout Australia.

One of Robert’s fortés lies in translating complex biochemical concepts into clinically-relevant ‘snapshots’ that capture the science – filled with down-to-earth analogies without the ‘cringe-factor’ typically attributed to discussions on biochemistry. A good deal of Robert’s skill in providing upskill sessions for clinicians of various disciplines is the result of his strong engagement in nutrigenomics through his studies in Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics.

Robert’s regular Cell-Logic presentations to clinicians are both informative and inspirational, focusing on new developments in the field, with a special emphasis on nutrigenomics. His relaxed and engaging style is undoubtedly a product of his years of experience in hosting a regular talk-back segment on a local ABC radio.

Tania Gibson
Dip. Bus. Man & Dip. Project Man.
Operations Manager

Tania Gibson brings to Cell-Logic her wealth of knowledge and a broad understanding of business management and administration principles and processes.  As Operations Manager, she oversees day-to-day operations, including account management, coordination of conference schedules, logistics, marketing support, purchasing and stock control and customer service, to mention just a few of her daily duties.

Having worked in a number of administrative, clerical and business support roles in the public and private sectors, including 13 years in the Education and Training public sector, Tania has seamlessly adapted into her current role within the health environment, bringing new ideas and putting into practice her diverse range of professional skills gained through her many years of experience.

Tania is a strong believer in maintaining good health through diet and healthy living.   She is also an enthusiastic member of her community, and can regularly be found helping in the Bunnings (healthy) sausage sizzle tent or other fundraising activities.

Stephen Kearton
B.App.Sc (AppChem)
Technical Director

Stephen Kearton can boast close to 40 years’ manufacturing experience across a diverse range of industries and in a wide range of disciplines. Of this, over 25 years have been involved with the contract manufacturing of therapeutic and cosmetic products, dating back to the inception of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

He brings a variety of skills to Cell-Logic, including product development, manufacturing equipment and process design, production and demand planning, quality assurance system development, as well as manufacturing accounting.

As Technical Director, Stephen enjoys combining his skills and experience to manage all aspects of internal and external production, ensuring a timely outcome within the ambit of quality and regulatory requirements.

April Houghton
Customer Service Manager

April Houghton joined Cell-Logic in 2014, following a decade in practice as a diploma-qualified Remedial Therapist in a multi-disciplinary Brisbane practice.  Her clinical background allows her to easily relate to both clinicians and consumers when  handling the many queries that present themselves on a day-to-day basis in Cell-Logic’s Customer Service Division.  

April liaises closely with our clinician customers, and especially those seeking INTEGRA NUTRITIONALS (I.N.) approval. She also handles technical support referrals on both the Cell-Logic and I.N. product ranges. 

April’s lifelong interest in, and awareness of, the importance of whole unrefined foods in human health perfectly complements Cell-Logic’s core philosophy of maintaining a holistic and lasting approach to health through creating products that are not only developed by Nature, but also validated by Science.