Our Focus

Cell-Logic as a science-based organisation is focused on producing evidence-based nutrigenomic supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods and professional education.  In this capacity, we bring to the clinical environment formulations which have been Developed by Nature and Validated by Science.  

Our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell 100% whole broccoli sprout powder is second to none in its ability to yield bioactive sulforaphane.  Sulforaphane is well-researched as a potent food-derived bioactive compound capable of upregulating the defence mechanisms of human cells.

Cell-Logic is a clear leader in its field, pioneering translational nutrigenomic research and professional education tailored to the needs of the practising clinician.Integrated Cellular Functions

Driving Clinician Education

Humans have existed on this planet for millions of years, the more remarkable because for most of this time, they have done so without the benefit of modern medicine. Given the right environment, human bodies are capable of self-repair.

The sophistication of modern medicine has tended to make us unnecessarily reliant on others to address health issues when we have clearly been physiologically engineered for significant self-maintenance and repair.

Acknowledging our inbuilt cellular mechanisms for maintaining health, Cell-Logic is focused on providing educational and clinical tools required by clinicians and consumers alike to maximise our individual health potential.

Origin of our Logo

The Cell-Logic logo is representative of the integration of intricate Cellular Functions at the biochemical level; Understanding how cells function interactively is the platform from which we develop our nutrigenomically-active products.