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5 amazing health benefits of broccoli sprouts

15th June, 2016

5 amazing health benefits of broccoli sprouts

In the world of nutrition, people have known for a long time that the sprouts of cruciferous vegetables and legumes are powerhouses of valuable nutrients.…
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2nd November, 2015

We won the 2015 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards!

Cell-Logic Pty Ltd was awarded the 2015 Award for Innovation in Nutraceutical Products & Best for Complementary Health Care Solutions – Australia
Nutrigenomic Diet - Cell Logic Brisbane

2nd November, 2015


100% whole enzyme-active Broccoli Sprout Powder – Find out why our flagship ingredient is considered the most potent naturally-occurring activator of the cell’s own defence…


Why Cell-Logic?

Cell-Logic’s commitment to advancing health through science has led to the development of our growing product range. Featuring evidence-based nutrigenomic supplements, nutraceuticals, topicals and more, Cell-Logic brings to the global marketplace products which have been developed by Nature and validated by Science. Read more about our product range.

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